About Association of Publishers in India


Our Vision is to provide a forum for publishers where they can exchange ideas, network and address concerns pertaining to the industry, enabling Indian publishing to achieve world-class standards.


Our mission is to be a benefactor for publishers in India and represent their views to stakeholders, government and the society at large on an ongoing basis, thereby ensuring that we add value to the industry.

We are promoting further employments in publishing industry as well as other allied industries.

Indian operations of international publishing houses employ in excess of 2000 publishing professionals who undergo regular training and development of domain knowledge and expertise in India and abroad. As a result, international best practices and publishing standards are beginning to be seen in content development.

India is becoming a local hub for supply to most of Asia and Middle east. The market prowess of the Indian operations of global publishers has expanded the reach and circulation.

Globalization of Indian Content and Promoting Indian Culture in a larger Market.

Indian authorship, especially in the field of education has developed tremendously as authors now have easy access to world class publishers within the country. Their books reach a larger market expanding intellectual networking and contributing to their earnings.

Promotion of low priced editions for the Region.

The Indian operations of the international publishing houses have made books available to consumers in India at possibly the lowest prices anywhere in the world. This is true for both general books and educational textbooks. The availability of books at highly affordable prices for consumers is a reality as product pricing is a factor of market dynamics such as the consumer’s buying capacity and behavior.

Digitization of Existing Books.

With the advent of digital content creation, storage and management technologies, India is fast emerging as a source for educational content and this process is being accelerated and encouraged by the demand generated by the international players in India. Content creation capacities are being ramped up, which will lead to further accelerated export earnings as content begins to travel electronically.

Enhanced content creation capabilities will help all publishers alike – Indian or international. It will encourage more work for authors, editors, artists and other creative people.