International Publishers in India – Issues and Solutions An intra-industry Seminar


“Association of Publishers in India” (API) was incorporated in the year 2001 and was registered under the Indian Society Act as a Society (Registration no. S40098). API is a representative body of foreign publishers to deal with all matters pertaining to the promotion and advancement of the foreign publishers having a presence in India and to protect the common interests of members and professionals engaged in Global Publishing in SAARC Countries.

Membership is open to those foreign publishers' entities that have their offices or registered companies in India.

Publishing is undergoing a tremendous change driven by technology and the role of publishers in various regions especially those in developing countries is becoming more involved with local requirements. This leads to dissemination of information and knowledge through new media and this site has arisen from such a need. The Association has helped in providing global publishers with a platform to discuss the development issues with the Government and also with members of various International Associations such as Publishers' Association, U.K., and American Association of Publishers etc. and arrange to combat piracy and push for legislation to safeguard the interests of its members.


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