About API

We are a trade organization. We stand for the promotion and advancement of Publishers having a presence in India as well as to protect the common interest of members and professionals engaged in Global Publishing.

Association of Publishers in India acts on specific issues with the objective of expanding the market for Publishers who publish books/content in the following areas:

  • Academic and Professional
  • Children’s
  • Educational
  • Scholarly and Reference
  • Trade
  • Vocational

We are engaged in market research & compiling market statistics. We run a number of industry specific events and seminars. We act against piracy and protect IPR related matters.

Executive Committee


  • Over 9037 Number of Publishers in the country
  • Over 40000 people directly employed by publishers
  • 21800+ number of organized and unorganized book retailers in India
  • 16 Languages in which organized/semi-organized publishing exists in India
  • Books account for 15% of e-commerce trade in the country
  • 70% of publishers in India have digitized their content to produce e-books
  • School Education (K-12) accounts for INR 221.7 billion of the overall Indian books market in 2014-15; Higher Education accounts for INR 66.1 billion
Source: Nielsen India Book Market Report 2015